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As I was looking for tips on how to apply for a tourist visa for my boyfriend, I realized how much help I got from bloggers in my past trips. I like to plan ahead before going on trips, just to give my nerbyosa self a peace of mind. I used to have a blog but I used it mainly to rant about stuff when I’m angry (but I kept it private). lol

I realized that I have some free time so I decided to create a new and public blog. I’d like to keep everything useful in this blog. Not only will I post about my past and recent travels, I will try to post about how to’s and of course some of my life experiences (which I will narrate for my future children and grandchildren to read). I like to talk to people but because I’m away from home, (wherever home is), a lot of my friends aren’t really available all the time for me to meet up with.

You see, I don’t really have a permanent address. I’ve called a couple of addresses my home in my 24 years of existence. You might be confused but here’s a summary of the places I call/ed home or have lived in in the past.

2940_82262549168_6913622_nPittsburgh ’09 – Roadtrip from Toronto to Ohio

I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA on a lucky Friday the 13th but my mom brought me back to the Philippines when I was just months old. I grew up in Iligan City and I was already 12 years old when I went back to visit the United States. I just went every summer to Los Angeles after that because I had to finish my studies in Iligan City.

After I graduated college, I went to LA for the summer but I had to go back and live in Sampaloc, Manila to review for the CPA Board Exams in June 2013.

After I got my CPA license in 2013, I went to live in Cebu for a few months (where my boyfriend lives) and then I went back to Los Angeles to live with my family in early 2014. I stayed there for six months and I even worked part time at Universal Studios Hollywood (’twas a fun job :b). A few things happened (I got pretty lucky) and I now live in Cebu.

So in case you did not read my blabs, here’s a summary of the places I have lived in the past:

Pittsburgh, PA > Iligan > Los Angeles, CA > (Iligan > Los Angeles) 7 times > Sampaloc > Cebu > Los Angeles > Cebu


I need to go back to work now. ;))

Bye and welcome to my blog! Hope you’ll enjoy reading about my adventures!

❤ TingTing





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