Venice, Italy

July 4, 2016

We started the Italy leg of our Europe trip in Venice. We took the 14 hour night train from Paris Gare de Lyon to Venezia Mestre Station. We shared the cabin with 2 other people and I actually felt safe the whole time. The conductor kept our passports after we boarded the train so that we can just sleep through passport control in Switzerland.

We arrived at Venezia Mestre station at around 9am the next day and checked-in early at our hotel. We stayed at Hotel Plaza, and it’s conveniently located across the station.


I suggest that you stay here instead of booking a hotel in Venice. Not only is it cheaper, our room was really nice and we had this amazing view from our hotel room window.


Plus it only costs EUR 1.25  to go to the Venezia Sta. Lucia Station. Check out their boarding pass-like train ticket.


We were welcomed with this view right after we got out of the train station in Venice. dsc01402edited

We walked through confusing blocks and narrow walkways on our first day. We got lost a million times but we stopped to take photos along the way so it was all good.


After walking one million steps, we finally made it to the Rialto market. There was this much people because we were there on a sunny day in July.

Here I am in front of the Basilica di San Marco.

I felt like I was in the Venetian Macau except that I’m in the real Venice. lol So we just walked around looking through souvenir shops. Just one tip, buy souvenirs from shops away from the main attractions. Shops around Piazza San Marco sell magnets for Euro 3-5 but you can buy them for 0.99 cents in shops that aren’t near the main attractions.

We ended the day eating this authentic Italian pizza and pasta at Al Chianti. I can’t say I was impressed but it was okay.


Also, another tip, buying bottled water from the grocery store will save you a whole lot of money. I think I’ve consumed at least 2 bottles of water a day because of the heat. A bottle of water usually costs around Euro 2-5 in shops around the main attractions but you can buy it for as cheap as 0.25 cents in the grocery store.


And I’ll leave you with this photo of me on the streets of Braavos where the scene with Aria was filmed. Lol just kidding! It looked like a street in one of the scenes in GOT so I had to take a photo here ;))


❤ theadventuresoftingting

Dress from TK Maxx
Rayban Sunnies
Stan Smith Shoes


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