June 15, 2016

On our first full day in England, I booked a Windsor-Bath-Stonehenge tour from Premium Tours. I knew that we will still be experiencing jetlag and this tour will involve hours of bus rides so at least we can sleep while on the way. The tour was a little bit pricey but it was worth it because we got to see the three major attractions outside London in one day and it was really convenient to not have to fall in line to buy tickets to the attractions. England has a very unpredictable weather and that was one intel that I didn’t know before going there. lol It can rain in one second and be all sunny on the next. I felt like all seasons happened on the day of our tour. lol

We were picked up by a double decker bus at the Victoria Coach Station at 8:15am. We ate breakfast and had to finish our coffee before boarding the bus because hot drinks were not allowed inside the bus. Alcohol and ice cream were also not allowed inside.

Our tour started in sunny Windsor. Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world. I could not believe that I was at the weekend residence of the queen. I literally went to London to visit the queen…’s residence 😉


We were only given a few hours to tour around the castle so we hurriedly went through Queen Mary’s Doll House and the State apartments to catch the Changing of the Guards in the castle’s courtyards. It was so surreal.



Watched the changing of the guards with these cuties!! ❤


Had to stand a few inches away from the guard. The guard yelled at a tourist who had her photo taken before me for touching him. lol

The tour was very strict about time. There was one group who got left behind in Windsor because they didn’t make it to the bus on time. For me, the time given to us in Windsor was not enough. We didn’t even finish watching the Changing of the Guards just so we can still buy lunch. The tour didn’t stop for lunch also to save time. But it was alright considering that we were going to three major attractions in one day that were far from each other. The second leg of our tour was a visit to the ancient city of Bath. This was the view on our way to Bath. ❤


We arrived at around 1pm in rainy Bath and we went straight to the Roman Baths. The tour guide gave us our tickets and he gave us a background of the history of the Roman Baths.IMG_2138edited.jpg
We went through the Roman Bath museum which was full of artefacts from the Roman period. This is a bronze head of the godess Sulis Minerva.dsc00641editedimg_2146editeddsc00660edited


Selfie with this woman from the Roman period. I had to explain to her how the GoPro works.

The time we had in Windsor was so limited but we had a lot of time left in Bath. We just sat around at one of the ice cream shops while waiting for our bus to pick us up. The tour guide  told us to try the famous Original Bath Bun at Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House but there was a long line and it was raining so we just skipped it.

The last stop of our tour was in drizzling Stonehenge. I think we arrived at around 4 or 5pm. This was where I was most excited because I was about to see the mysterious and infamous Stonehenge. I could not imagine how much history happened here.


Stepping into the grass around the stones was not allowed to preserve the structure. The grass and soil around the stones were not very stable that’s why. But I still couldn’t believe my eyes. I actually was in Stonehenge and it was very interesting to know that there was a chance that UFO’s have been here. lol

The bus driver dropped us at the Victoria Coach Station at around 8pm. We ended the day with huge smiles on our faces. It was a very organized and interesting tour and we couldn’t have been any happier. We felt like we were brought into ancient England, and we got a taste of what England has to offer.

After going through ancient England, we got a taste of modern English music. We watched a Coldplay concert the next day and that’s what I’m going to talk about next! 😉


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