Amsterdam: Day 2

June 27, 2016

DCIM100GOPROG0661385.It was our second day in Amsterdam and our fourteenth day in Europe so we had to catch up with a lot of work. We went out at around noon and went straight to the I amsterdam sign in front of the Rijksmuseum. We didn’t get a good photo because there were a gazillion people taking photos of themselves as well. lol It was definitely a tourist trap but we couldn’t go to Amsterdam and not go to the Iamsterdam sign so whatever.


We finally gave up and just settled with our substandard photos together with a thousand photobombers. We ate at a small cafe near the Rijksmuseum and went on our way to the Heineken Experience which was a ten-minute walk from there. We took this ootd photo on the way. 😉


We bought our tickets to the Heineken Experience online when we arrived because the tickets were cheaper. We bought a sim card near the Sexmuseum the day before which already had unlimited data for only 10 euros and it covered our entire stay in Amsterdam. Here are some of the photos that we took at the Heineken Experience.


There were a lot of Heineken memorabilia in the first part of the museum. There were also a lot of interactive things to do. Like in the photo below, I was mixing barley with water. lol as if. 😉


At this station, we were taught how to properly pour beer onto the glass.


“Proost!”, as what the Dutch would say. We were given two glasses of beer at the end of the tour but I’m not a heavy beer drinker (anymore lol) so we just consumed one glass each.


After getting a little tipsy from the tour, we walked our way to the Albert Cuyp Market. This was where we bought Amsterdam magnets as they were cheaper than the stores near the Amsterdam Centraal Station. All the stores were closing when we arrived but I’m glad that I still got to take a photo of this funny chocolate shaped like a man’s down there. lol


We got super hungry after all the drinking and walking that we did so we rode a tram/bus to Dam Square and ate Poffertjes at one of the cafes there. Poffertjes are Dutch pancakes and I wanted more after finishing a plate. lol


At Dam Square


In front of the Royal Palace of Amsterdam


Thanks to the stranger who took this photo! 😉


We ate pizza for dinner and we looked for drinks after and saw this. We didn’t try them but we were almost tempted to do so. lol My bad experience in Cambodia after eating pizza with marijuana still haunts me to this day.


But I could not go to Amsterdam and not try anything drug-related. lol We ended our night at one of the most famous coffee shops in Amsterdam, The Bulldog. Coffee shops are where marijuana is sold. We were such noobs when we entered. I was even scared for a bit because I felt like what I was about to do was illegal. lol


A menu was available in the counter and you just buy them like you’re buying a beer. They were sold in packs or in joints. The joints from what I can remember were 12 euros for 4 joints.


It took long for us to decide that we weren’t gonna try to smoke because my body might not take it too well and it might ruin our whole trip so we just bought this cupcake right here. I ate a quarter of the cupcake and it tasted like grass, again :/. I went to bed after so I actually didn’t feel anything. lol

img_2878-copyThat was it for Day 2. I guess I had a good night’s sleep because of the cupcake, but I wouldn’t know for sure because I haven’t really experienced getting high. lol Day 3 is next! 😉


GU sweater
H&M overalls
Charlotte Russe booties
Celine Bag

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