Amsterdam: Day 3

June 28, 2016


It was our last day in Amsterdam so we woke up early, ready to conquer the city once again. We rode the train to Zaandam, a nearby city of Amsterdam to go shopping at Primark. lol The Primark store in downtown Amsterdam was closed at that time so we went to the nearest store that we could find. We’re so glad that we did because we saw these cute buildings when we got out of the train station.


Primark sells the cheapest clothes so you should definitely check their stores whenever you’re in Europe. After buying half of Primark ;), we went back to being tourists once again. We booked a canal cruise and I particularly asked the lady if we can bring food and she said yes. We bought some fries before the tour. When we got to the boat, our annoying cruise driver did not allow us to bring food. I told him that the lady at the ticket booth told us that we can bring food and he just told us that he was the driver and so we should stick by his rules. :/


We had to hurriedly eat this as much as we can and we threw it away before the tour 😦 It was hella good though. – Mannekenpis Fries


We just got over our annoying driver and tried to enjoy our tour. It was a little refreshing and different to tour Amsterdam through its canals. We got to see the other side of Amsterdam, and got so amazed by the fact that it became what it is today from being just a fisherman’s village.


This is an actual house, where people actually live in. And there were a lot of them.

dsc01123-copydsc01129-copyOur tour guide said something about the buildings in this photo but I could not remember  what he said. lol I’m just sharing this photo in case one of my readers can tell me what’s so special about these buildings.


I really love how chill it is in Amsterdam. People would just chill beside the canals like they’re hanging out at the beach. And everyone’s just so chill. They’re still chill even when you’re buying drugs. loljk 😉


I also love how bike friendly Amsterdam is. I mean I’m not very good with bikes but it’s just so cool that bikers can ride their bikes anywhere in the city and they even have their own lanes in some streets.


I could walk around here all day ❤


We got hungry after walking a lot so we ate another plate of poffertjes. 😉


And got ourselves a gelato 😉


And took more tourist shots 🙂


Europe is full of museums but of all the museums that we’ve been to, the museums in Amsterdam are the most interesting. I mean yea, it’s exciting to be in front of the Monalisa in The Louvre but it turned out to be just a really small painting. I’m pretty sure the artsy and more cultured people will appreciate it more than me, but for me, I had so much fun learning about the prostitutes’ lives in the Museum of Prostitution than viewing sculptures at The Louvre.


It was starting to rain so we checked out the Museum of Prostitution. It was such an eye-opening experience for me. I got to know how many customers each prostitute gets in one day. (The answer is 16 customers on an 8 hour shift, if the prostitute is successful that day. 0_0) Prostitutes also rent their windows for 150 Euros per shift so they would need to recover that cost everyday. I also learned that prostitutes are paid around 50 euros per customer for 15 minutes but their rates are negotiable. 0_0


Here I am, tryna seduce customers from my window. lol 😉


They also use red lights to make their skin look smooth, thus making them more attractive. There are also windows with purple lights. They mean that the prostitute is a transgender.


LOL (^^,)img_4267-copy

Let me end this post with the Ten Commandments of Prostitution.


It’s amazing how Amsterdam has regulated prostitution and made it legal in their city. It would be really chaotic if this would be the case in the Philippines. I’m actually still in awe of how liberated Amsterdam is. I would love to come back in the future and maybe try to smoke weed next time (LOL), but our three whole days in Amsterdam were just perfect. It was full of eye opening activities in a very beautiful city. I’m in love.


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