Top Things to Buy (Or Eat) in Amsterdam


Amsterdam is such a liberated city and we enjoyed shopping and window shopping for stuff that we would never see in our local stores here in the Philippines. Here are some of the things or food that you should buy or eat in Amsterdam. 😉

1. Lollipops of all forms and sizes, and flavors 😉


2. Penis-shaped anything.
You will find a lot of penis-shaped stuff. Whether it’s a bottle opener, or a mug, or chocolates, or souvenir magnets, there’s a whole lot of penis-shaped things in Amsterdam. We actually bought a penis-shaped bottle opener and used it in one of our house parties. It cracked everyone up. But our friend got really drunk and he broke it. lol


3. Stroopwafel
Stroopwafels are like the signature cookies of Amsterdam. They’re so good. A caramel layer is sandwiched by thin crispy waffles. Huhu craving for a stroopwafel right about now. :/ Didn’t get a photo of the stroopwafel but almost all groceries in Amsterdam have them.

4. Poffertjes
We ate poffertjes twice in Amsterdam. It was so good. As what I wrote in my previous post, poffertjes are Dutch pancakes. It’s like pancakes but better. It’s not that starchy as compared to normal pancakes and it’s spongy and light and it has the right texture of how I would want my pancakes to be. We ordered ours with strawberries and it was like heaven on a plate.


5. Condoms
LOL. We just passed through a store called Condomerie in one of Amsterdam’s alleys and they had so many kinds of condoms for sale. We bought glow in the dark condoms to give out as pasalubong to our friends. lol!! It was so funny because some of the condoms were just so weird and would not even be functional. Like some of them would just be for display. I mean who would display a condom?? LOL But it was still fun to get to see the endless possibilities of condoms. haha!


6. Anything with cannabis 
It’s legal in Amsterdam, so why not? We were too cautious about what we consumed in Amsterdam because again of my previous horrible experience with consuming marijuana in Siem Reap. But we did buy a spacecake and cannabis ice cream but we ate them with caution. We threw the ice cream away after tasting it because my boyfriend told me that it had too much weed on it. I actually just ate a quarter of the spacecake on one night and I didn’t feel anything. I ate a whole half the next day and I think it hit me a little bit. But of course freedom always comes with responsibility so I think you have to do everything in moderation when you do try to do drugs in Amsterdam.


7. Sex Toys
LOL! It was really awkward at first to go inside one of the sex shops but we got a little comfortable after seeing the gazillion sex shops in Amsterdam and how people do not really care. We were inside one of the sex shops and the lady approached me and asked if I was looking for a vibrator. It was so funny. She even asked me if it was my first time , because she can recommend me something. It wasn’t awkward at all when we talked. There were also a lot of really funny stuff for sale. We saw this one, the fuck machine. I’m not sure why someone would buy this but it’s just too funny. haha


8. Febo
I could not read what we ate here but it was so good. ❤


9. Drugs
We didn’t try this and we don’t intend to, but if you’re the curious type and you like to try new things, by all means try it. It is legal so you don’t have to worry about anything. We always see a poster of Happy Pills in almost all of the stores in Amsterdam. We were shopping for souvenirs on our last day in Amsterdam when the guy at the counter asked us if we wanted more than what we were buying. He said that he didn’t sell weed but he sells all kinds of pills, i.e. drugs. lol We asked him if we had something that we can bring to the Philippines, something that’s legal. He told us that he had a Thai tea that was legal anywhere else in the world, except for Thailand. LOL We didn’t push through with purchasing anything except for our souvenirs but again if you’re the adventurous type, go for it! YOLO 😉


10. Sweets!
May it be gelato, or macarons, or pastries or chocolates, or waffles just go for it. You’re in vacation anyway so nobody will judge you for eating too much sweets. lol


I think you’ve had enough of me saying many good things about this place. lol So this would be my last post about the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Go book that ticket to Amsterdam! It’s totally worth it!! 😉


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