Venice, Italy: Day 2

July 5, 2016

We felt like we already went through all of Venice the day before so we took the morning off from touristing and got ourselves some rest. We loved the hotel that we stayed in so we just staycationed. Woke up for our hotel breakfast and snoozed back to sleep after. lol

IMG_3342 copyIMG_3343 copy
We finally got our lazy asses out of bed and rode the train to Venice. As we got out of the train station, we saw this. They actually have porters like the ones here in the Philippines, so you won’t have to worry if you have a lot of luggage. But I would still suggest that you stay at the hotel that we stayed in. Not only is it cheaper, it’s more convenient. You don’t have to take a water taxi or hire a porter to carry your bags to your hotel if you stay at Plaza Hotel.

IMG_3347 copy
We went the other way this time to see the other side of Venice. This was taken at Ponte delle Guglie.
DSC01515 copy

Outfit inspired by the gondola drivers’ uniform. lol

DSC01519 copyDSC01528 copy

We were heading to a restaurant because we were starving and we saw these peepz wearing masquerade costumes. ❤

DSC01524 copy

I went on yelp and looked for a restaurant that would be worth it and we found this buffet place that serves a variety of cuisines. They had cheaper rates for lunch and we were starving so we just headed here for lunch.. And I’m glad that we did! The price was worth it, considering that we paid around the same amount for our dinner the night before where we only ordered pizza and pasta. The place is called Zikiya. We got there at around 1pm so there was no line and there were a lot of tables available.

IMG_3368 copy

Look at all these Chinese food! My Asian self needed this! lol

IMG_3356 copy

They had shrimp and other kinds of seafood as well. I took this photo before the shrimps were refilled.

IMG_3357 copy

We were able to try Carpaccio and Prosciutto for the first time here as well so the price was really worth it!

IMG_3360 copy

I don’t eat sushi but they also have a sushi section and they also had ice cream and pastries for dessert. So worth it!

IMG_3358 copy

Here’s our total bill! If you’re ever in Venice and you’re Asian and hungry and want to eat somewhere worth your money, you should definitely eat here!

IMG_3366 copy

After lunch, we went on our way to ride a gondola! It’s pretty expensive to ride a gondola in Venice. It’s going to cost around 80-100 euros if you get a private ride by yourself. But we couldn’t go to Venice and not ride a Gondola. We just booked a shared gondola ride and paid around 35-40 euros each. I forgot how much it was exactly but it was within that range and we rode the gondola for around 30 minutes with two other couples.

DSC01538 copyDSC01545 copy

We passed by the Grand Canal ❤

IMG_3390 copyDSC01550 copy

We had to take a quick selfie before getting off the gondola. 😉
DCIM100GOPROG0031504.DSC01539 copy

We went straight to Piazza San Marco to people watch and take photos. 😉 There will be people who will offer you bird food so that the pigeons will flock to you but they will ask for money after. If you want a nice photo with the pigeons, it’s fine. But we saw a lot of tourists who didn’t expect that they will be asked for money after.
DSC01570 copy

The Bridges of Sighs! There’s so much history here. This was the last view of Venice that convicts saw before they were imprisoned.
DSC01508 copy

Venice was beautiful! Two whole days is enough to roam the city but if you’re going to Burano or Murano, I think you’ll need an additional day.

DSC01597 copy

We took this photo  right before sunset and I was so amazed at how the colors turned out. We people watched at the Ponte delle Guglie to watch gondolas passing by and waited for the sunset. I think Venice is the prettiest and most romantic city in Italy that we’ve been to.    It’s touristy but definitely worth visiting! Fino alla prossima volta, Venezia!

IMG_3421 copy


Primark dress
Stan Smith shoes
Rayban sunnies

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