Florence and Pisa

July 6, 2016

We initially planned to just go directly to Rome from Venice and do a day trip to Florence and Pisa because I thought about how hard it was to move from one city to another with our luggage. But I wasn’t sure if doing a day trip to both cities would give us enough time so we just looked for a hotel near the train station in Florence and stayed there for two nights.

IMG_3432 copyIMG_3435 copy

We had early breakfast at our hotel in Venice and rode the 9am train to S. M. Novella train station in Florence. I can still remember how hot it was on the day we arrived at Florence. It was a struggle to walk from the train station to our hotel with our big luggages under the scorching heat of the sun. We checked in at our hotel in Florence and went straight to Pisa.

Pisa was about an hour train ride from Florence. From the train station, we had to walk a few blocks to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It would’ve been bearable if it wasn’t 30+ degrees. We just hurriedly took photos with the tower and took touristy shots before hurriedly running back to the train station to get away from the sun. I mean, look at our sparkling faces (thanks to our sweat) in this photo below.

DSC01676 copyDSC01652 copyDSC01656 copyDSC01659 copyDSC01668 copyDCIM100GOPROG0071528.DSC01696 copy

When we got back to Florence, we went to San Lorenzo Market and found a lot of leather goods. Italy is known for their leather goods and Florence has a lot of markets selling them. I’m not sure why my stupid self forgot to take photos of the stores. I think I just snapped them and forgot to save the photos. We had dinner at Mercato Centrale and snoozed off to bed after a tiring day. Walking under the head of the sun just sucked all the energy in us.

July 7, 2016

We started our day late because a full day out under the sun is such a chore. We tried this gelato place called Venchi to beat the heat. But I still loved the gelato I ate in Amsterdam more. 😉

IMG_3459 copy

We just walked and sat around Florence. Just enjoying every bit of the city. Look how pretty the Duomo is.

DSC01702 copyDSC01705 copy

My boyfriend tricked me into taking a photo of me holding his hands, like the usual travel photo cliche. lol

DSC01706 copyDSC01707 copyDSC01712 copyDSC01718 copy

I terribly missed Asian food so we went to the supermarket and bought instant noodles and a whole chicken for dinner. lol So Asian of me. lol

IMG_3480 copyIMG_3476 copy

Because I didn’t make an itinerary on this leg of our trip, we just went with where our legs take us. It was really hot so we failed to cover some of the tourist attractions that Florence has to offer. Would’ve loved to take a panoramic view of Florence at Piazzale Michelangelo but maybe we’ll cover it the next time we’re in Florence. 😉 And because I dislike museums, we didn’t go to see Michelangelo’s David so I’m just leaving you with this magnet that we bought of David’s thingy. lol

IMG_4672 copy


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