Rome: Day 1

July 8, 2016

Onto the last city of our Europe trip! We took the morning train from Florence and arrived after about an hour and a half. We were very excited to be in the historic city of Rome!

When we were on our train from the hotel to our first stop (the Trevi Fountain), we witnessed a local from Rome snatching a Korean’s bag right when the train doors were closing. The snatcher hurriedly ran and the Korean girl’s boyfriend forcibly opened the train doors and rain after the snatcher. It was a scary thing to witness on our first train ride in Rome so we got extra careful with our belongings after that.

IMG_3500 copy

The night before we got to Rome, Kendall Jenner walked at the Fendi Fasion show which happened right here on the Trevi Fountain! This explains why there’s no water in the fountain and there were some packed glass floors beside the fountain which I think were used at the fashion show. So we just told ourselves to come back at night, when there would be actual water in the fountain.

DSC01731 copy

The fountain was really beautiful! It was quite a walk from the train station under the intense heat of the sun but seeing this beauty was definitely worth it!

DSC01728 copy DSC01719 copy

We then walked to the Spanish Steps at Piazza di Spagna. I’ve always put the Spanish Steps as one of my bucketlist tourist destinations after it was featured in an episode of the Amazing Race but when we got there, it was under construction and was closed. :/

DSC01736 copyIMG_3506 copy

We spent the rest of our afternoon walking through the alleys of stores at the Piazza di Spagna area. We went shopping too! The place was like an outdoor mall. They had a lot of stores from low to high end brands. We ate at Burger King (which became our go-to place on our entire stay in Rome) before heading back to the Trevi Fountain.

DSC01740 copy

We were excited to see the Trevi Fountain at night but when we got there, there was a sea of people! I don’t know how we squeezed ourselves in there but we did.

DSC01744 copy

This was the only decent photo of both of us which had the least photobombers. So glad that the guy who took our photo knows what he’s doing. lol We threw some coins and made a wish in the fountain before leaving and I think our wishes somewhat came true.

DSC01753 copyDSC01757 copy

Day one in Rome was a little stressful after witnessing a snatching incident,  but the beauty of this place was beyond amazing. After the incident, we didn’t bring any valuables with us the whole time we were in Rome and we made sure that all our bags were secured. We still had a few days in Rome and Day 2 in Sparta is next! 😉


Urban Outfitters romper
Stan Smith shoes
Rayban sunnies

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