Rome: Day 2

July 9, 2016

We only stayed a few days in Rome and with all the places that we had to cover, we had to make every day count! We started our venture into ancient Rome at the largest amphitheater that was ever built, the Colosseum.

DSC01765 copy

I bought our tickets in advance here. Thank God I did because when we got there, the line to buy tickets was super long! I had a little problem when I was purchasing our tickets because I bought a reduced ticket for myself even if it wasn’t applicable to me. They didn’t offer any refunds but when we got there, the lady never bothered to ask me why I had a reduced ticket and she just let us in. 😉

DSC01771 copy

The Colosseum had so much history in it.  It was home to the legendary gladiators and a lot of the Roman emperors have set foot in this place so it was pretty cool to be there.

DSC01772 copy

When we got to the top of the stairs upon entering the Colosseum, we saw this. We didn’t have a tour guide with us so we just listened to tour guides from other groups to learn more about this amazing place. We learned that the center part in this photo was where the gladiators were imprisoned. It’s the basement of the Colosseum and they just removed the surface covering the basement so that visitors will see what’s beneath it. Above the basement, at the center of the Colosseum, was where gladiators would fight for their lives with thousands of spectators watching.

DSC01777 copyDSC01785 copyDSC01816 copy

We took a gazillion photos ! lol

DSC01828 copy

This is a close up of where the gladiators were imprisoned. Not sure how they fit there or what it actually looked like in their time but it sure is scary to be imprisoned here.

DSC01868 copy

We finally have a photo together that was not a selfie. :b

DSC01891 copy
DSC01893 copyIMG_3642 copy

After we circled around the Colosseum, we walked to the Roman Forum. The ticket we purchased already includes entrance to the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill. This place used to be the center of government in the ancient city of Rome. I imagine this place to be full of Roman people back in the days in their dresses and capes walking around with their slaves. lol

DSC01906 copy

There are several surviving structures surrounding the Roman Forum. The photo below shows the Arch of Septimus Severus, which was dedicated to the Roman Emperor Septimus Severus and his sons.

DSC01919 copyIMG_3650 copyIMG_3662 copyIMG_3665 copy

This whole place was where important events in the ancient Roman empire happened, and some of the Roman emperors used to live here too. What’s left are just fragments of what used to be a striving empire. Made me think about what would be left of the world today 100 years from now. lol



Primark dress
Forever21 straw hat
People are People spartan sandals 😉
Michael Kors bag

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