The Broad Museum

January 18, 2017

I have always wanted to go to the Broad Museum ever since I heard about it but I couldn’t get last minute tickets whenever I was in LA. So the last time I was in LA, I reserved tickets here a month before my visit. The tickets are free so when the January tickets opened, I reserved a lot of tickets on different dates.

So my sister and I arrived at The Broad on a Wednesday. We parked in their basement and went up to the entrance. I saw that there was a line for those who didn’t have tickets but admission is not guaranteed and you’d need to wait an awful lot of time to be able to get in.

As soon as we got in, we immediately got tickets to the Infinity Room. They’re free but the entry for the infinity room is timed and limited so we had to get that one before roaming around the museum.

I super love the Broad. All their galleries are interesting and of course, super instagrammable! I actually enjoyed the Broad more than the Met in NYC. But of course that’s just me. I’m not going to talk a lot about my experience since all we did was just walk around and take a lot of pics, but I’m going to share a lot of our photos. Enjoy!

DSC01520 copy copyDSC01549 copyDSC01538 copyDSC01545 copyDSC01523 copyDSC01537 copyDSC01585 copyDSC01554 copyDSC01615 copyDSC01612 copyDSC01649 copy

Love this one!! It’s soo cool ❤

DSC01573 copyDSC01556 copyDSC01596 copyDSC01671 copyDSC01653 copyDSC01668 copyDSC01651 copy

It was finally our time to go inside Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room. We went in line again to be able to go inside the room. The wait wasn’t that long but the wait was definitely longer than the actual time that we were inside the room. lol We were only given 45 seconds so we had to have a plan. I took photos from our camera and my sister took photos from her phone, just in case I messed up and took blurry photos. lol But thankfully, our photos looked great! I didn’t get the chance to feel the beauty of the room because of the limited time but I was really amazed by it the second I stepped inside.

DSC01639 copyDSC01635 copyDSC01637 copy

I super lalalovee The Broad!! I would go there again the next time I visit LA, hopefully with my boyfriend-slash-photographer. lol

DSC01700 copy

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