Taipei, Taiwan – Day 1

It has already been months since the last time my boyfriend and I went on a trip abroad. He had two separate knee surgeries done after our trip to Europe so he also had to recover and undergo rehab after that. This was why we stopped traveling for awhile.

Finally in February this year, he agreed to go on a short trip to Taiwan. There are already direct flights to Taipei from Cebu and the tickets were really cheap so we went for it! We arrived in the morning of March 10th, and we immediately checked in at our airbnb apartment in the  Ximending area. We went out to eat lunch and saw this really cool wall full of graffiti. We had to take model-like photos because they looked really nice! ;b


Our friend recommended us to try the Flour Rice Noodle at Ay-Chung Flour Rice Noodle. It’s made up of misua (I’m such a sucker for noodles esp misua so I had high expectations for this one. lol) and some meat.


I read online that people always line up to get a cup but lucky for us, the line was not that long when we got there. We got ourselves a small cup each. Truthfully, I didn’t love it that much. I didn’t get the amazing feeling that I got when I first tried Ichiran Ramen in Japan. lol But it was still good, maybe worth trying once. My boyfriend loved it though, and so did all those people there, I guess.


You can add chili, garlic and vinegar to fit your taste. I put a lot of garlic and vinegar on mine.


After finishing our noodles, we went straight to explore the other parts of Ximending. It has a Shibuya feel, but it’s a little smaller. We went through the shops there and we saw a lot of cute and cheap stuff!


There were also some street vendors selling food on the side. This guy right here is selling candied strawberries.


I have grown to love GU when I was first introduced to it in Japan so I had to go to the GU store in Taipei. Take note that when shopping, always bring your passport with you. They have a 5% refund for tourists’ purchases of NT$3000 or more. I wasn’t able to get the refund because I didn’t bring my passport. :/


We ended our first day in Taipei with a nice dinner at Tim Ho Wan, since it was only a walking distance to where we were staying.


We planned on going to the Yehliu Geopark the next day so we ended the night early. Our trip to the incredible Yehliu Geopark is next! 😉

H&M top
Terranova coat
Primark pants
Stan Smith shoes

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