HOTEL REVIEW: The Funny Lion

I rarely write reviews about the hotels that we stayed in (maybe because they’re mostly just budget hotels lol) but The Funny Lion is definitely an exception! I felt that I needed to write about our experience here because we actually didn’t want to leave the hotel. lol

Hotel Grounds/Services

The check-in was a breeze. Their lobby was un-airconditioned and open, and it was just so refreshing to see such a sight. Nice hotels usually have airconditioned and high ceiling lobbies but The Funny Lion’s lobby was quite unique. I wasn’t able to take a photo of it because I only go there to connect to the wifi. lol (P.S. Their wifi is quite bad and there was no LTE signal inside our room.)

The hotel has two buildings, and this one is facing the pool. Our room was on the lower left side of the building in the photo below so it was really cool to have the pool just outside our room.


This was the view from the second floor of the building. Lovely!!


The hotel is actually safari themed, in honor of the famous Calauit Safari Park in Coron so they had some animal statues all over the hotel. This giraffe is just one of them. Also, please notice my woven bag. They actually let us borrow this one for our entire stay. It’s super useful because I actually brought it with me everywhere, even during on our tour.


They also have some umbrellas that the guests can use within the hotel in case of rain.


The hotel also offers spa services for its guests but it’s quite expensive.


Airport/Seaport Shuttle

I arranged with the hotel to pick us up at the airport. It cost us Php 200/person, one way. Although there were a couple vans who offered transportation to the city when we arrived at the airport, it made us feel more secure that it was the hotel van that picked us up. We even arrived 5 hours after our scheduled arrival time (CebuPac, duh) and they were so flexible and accommodating to us.

After our check-out, we also availed of their hotel to seaport transfer service for also Php 200/person, one way. This time we were just picked up by a sidecar because they did not have an available van at that time. It was still convenient because the area where The Funny Lion is in is quite secluded and sidecars don’t usually pass by the area.

Hotel Room

We booked our stay just a few weeks before so there weren’t a lot of choices left for the rooms. We just got the Pride Room and we definitely made the right decision. The pool was just outside our room. But the best part of our stay were the little touches that they added. This include these supper yummy treats that are delivered to our room at around 5-6pm everyday.


This balloon was also in our bed when we arrived along with the woven bag.


The room was super spacious too. I wasn’t able to take a photo of our big mirror though but it also added a nice touch to the room.


Aside from the dessert delivery at 5pm, our fridge was also full of treats and they replenish them everyday! The left jar had coconut juice, the second jar had yummy pandan with sago and nata and the third jar had fresh fruits, which we already ate before taking this photo. lol


We were also provided with complete toiletries.


These were the replenished drinks on our second day, sago’t gulaman! Super happy to drink this after a day of touring Coron.



As they all say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is especially applicable to Coron because you will be out there touring for a whole day so you’ll need to have a hearty breakfast before anything else. We always had breakfast by the pool and it was a really great way to start our day.


I mean… Look at how pretty this is.


The hotel had quite a lot of food to choose from for breakfast considering the size of the hotel. Its selection is not as much as breakfast selections at big hotels but I can’t complain because the food was really good.


Aside from the normal breakfast food, they had a congee station, a bread and muffin section, salad, and my boyfriend’s favorite – their Hot Chocolate.


They also have waffles and various fruits as well. Good thing I brought mostly one piece swimsuits. How the heck could I resist all these food. 😦 lol


Hunt Restaurant

Talking about food, I thought I should also mention the hotel’s restaurant called the Hunt Restaurant. We actually ate dinner here for the whole duration of our stay because the food was so good. We wanted to try everything on the menu but we only had one stomach each. 😦 This was us on our first night.


I took the time to take photos of their menu just so you’ll have an idea of the price range of their food. The portions were actually big for us and we were always full after every meal. (P.S. We’re not heavy eaters.)


On our first night, I had the Honey Soy Glazed Salmon and Vim had the Pinangat Roulade. I can still remember being surprised at how delicious the Pinangat Roulade tasted. lol I didn’t expect Filipino food to taste that good.


On our second night, I had the Crab-onara (which apparently had a real crab lol) and my boyfriend had the Soy Steamed Fish. We exceeded our stomachs’ capacity by ordering a Matcha Cheese Cake for dessert. Good thing it was just a thin slice so we were able to finish it. It was so good.


On our last and final night :(, I had the Hanger Steak and Vim had the Asian Crackling Pork Belly with Kimchi Rice. I actually loved the Kimchi rice. It had the right amount of spice. For dessert, we had the Chocolate Banana Smores. It was super good but it was quite too sweet for us so and we were already a little full, so we weren’t able to finish the whole plate. :/


If you’re ever in Coron, even if you’re not staying at the Funny Lion, I really recommend you to eat here at least once. Their food is actually really good and this is coming from a very picky eater like me. lol


Another super lovely feature of this hotel are their swimming pools. Since the hotel is just small, the people using their pools is also limited. This gave us more space and privacy.


And all the greenery just adds to the beauty of the place. This is their main pool and the small square in the left side is their jacuzzi. There are also beds where guests can lounge on while using the pool. I don’t know if you can see it in this photo but it’s in the super left side, under the shade.


We actually went swimming for two nights and in those two nights, we were the only people using the pool.


The hotel has two other jacuzzis at the highest floor of their first building. This one had an incredibly nice view. Near the jacuzzi was a bar where guests can just chill.


Right before we checked out, we were left with this note from the manager along with some treats and some souvenir bracelets. How lovely!


Overall, we had an amazing time at this hotel. The wifi might be slow but it actually made us take a real break from work and just enjoy our time together.

P.S. I purposely used unedited, raw photos for this post so if some of the photos look nice, either I’m a good photographer (LOL! :D), or I’m a good photographer. 😀


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