Shanghai Disneyland

One of the things that I would like to do in my life is to visit every Disney Park in the world. lol I know, I’m such a shallow little twit but I just love how amusement parks make me feel like I can be a kid again. I think watching too much Disney shows as a kid also influenced my love for Disneyland. lol

DSC09127 copyOn our first full day in Shanghai, we visited the newest Disneyland park in the world. I’ve read  a lot of negative reviews and saw some unpleasant videos about Shanghai Disneyland mainly because of some rude Chinese people but I didn’t experience such a thing when we visited. In fact, I actually enjoyed Shanghai Disneyland more than the one in Hong Kong.



We bought our tickets from for only Php 2,700 each (non-peak). I found it to be super worth it because it’s substantially cheaper than tickets to Hong Kong Disneyland and the whole park is new and definitely better than the one in HK.

Getting There

After breakfast, we rode the train (paid 6 yuan) to Disneyland from People’s Square. Shanghai’s subway system is really easy to navigate so even though Google Maps failed us (Google is banned in China so Google Maps was not very reliable.), we just looked into the Subway Map to know where to change trains.

The whole trip took about an hour. We immediately bought our subway tickets for later that day so that we can just board the train immediately after the fireworks.


Bringing Food and Drinks  Inside the Park

We saw a lot of people buying food from the Family Mart store at the train station so we just bought water and food since we’re sure that food inside the park was going to be expensive. They actually allow guests to bring food and drinks inside the park so if you’re under a budget, you can definitely save if you bring in food.


But you don’t need to worry about bringing drinking water. There are a few water fountains inside the park. It’s usually near restrooms so you’ll be able to spot one easily.



As with any other Disneyland park, we were welcomed with Mickey’s smiling face as soon we entered.


Shanghai Disneyland is divided into six different areas. The Mickey Avenue, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Treasure Cove, Adventure Isle and Gardens of Imagination.

  1. Mickey Avenue

The first area that you will pass by is the Mickey Avenue where Mickey and Minnie can be seen throughout the day. We just stayed here for a bit to study the park’s map and plan our route. lol


This area has a lot of beautiful backdrops that I’m sure you’ll want to take photos of. I especially loved this bank vault backdrop. 😉


2. Fantasyland

We planned on going to Tommorowland first but we passed by the Enchanted Storybook Castle on our way there. The castle blew us away! It’s super nice and it looked new (because duh, it is new). The castle looked way better than the one in HK.


Right before settling down for the fireworks that night, we went back to Fantasyland, to Alice in Wonderland’s Maze. I love how it’s just under the castle and I actually didn’t notice it when we were at the castle earlier that day. I felt like it was hidden on purpose.


Super kyooot! I had to insert his photo here lol


3. Tomorrowland

When we finally got to Tomorrowland, I was amazed at how futuristic everything looked. I felt like I teleported into the future and I’ve never seen anything like this in all of the Disneyland parks that I’ve been to. It’s really a must visit if you’re a Disneyland fan like myself.


We passed on riding the Tron Lightcycle Power Run because I hate rollercoasters. The coaster passes by the walkway so I saw how fast it went and it looked hella scary! We just rode the Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue ride. LOL I know it’s a kid’s ride but I’m still a kid at heart. We got fast pass tickets for the ride so we didn’t have to fall in line.


One of the coolest things in this park is the Star Wars Launch Bay. All Star Wars fans will  definitely get crazy here!


We got to meet and interact with R2D2 and C-3PO! We actually got to talk to them but they spoke in Chinese so we could not understand them. lol


I also got to talk to Darth Vader. I actually felt super kilig to be in his presence even though I could not understand a single Chinese word that he said.


Just when I thought nothing could be more cooler than Star Wars Launch Bay, I entered the TRON Realm. It was something I thought I could only see in the movies. I felt like I really entered a different realm. I haven’t watched Tron so I did not have the same excitement I had with Star Wars but this was really something else.


This is actually a simulator game, much like playing in your Wii but it’s cooler because the whole place just looks like the entire game. I look so stupid here but the sim was actually testing if it can read my moves. lol


I also got to race with a few other guests. I really love how interactive the whole place was. We probably spent an hour just looking through the display and playing games. lol


4. Treasure Cove

You can find the best Disneyland snack – the Turkey Leg in this area. I looked for this all throughout the park but the line was too long when we arrived so I just skipped it.


Instead of lining up for the turkey leg, we just rode the Pirates of the Carribean and it was the best decision that we made that day. I wasn’t able to take a photo of the ride but damn it was really  nice! It was way better than the one in Disneyland California and I love how they used the available technology to build the ride. We were actually left in awe after. It was that good.


5. Adventure Isle

If you love watching shows, then you should definitely check out Tarzan! We went to a Circus show the night before so I wasn’t too excited to see it anymore but it’s really a nice acrobatic show. I don’t think there are other acrobatic shows in other Disneyland parks.


I wanted to get wet at the roaring rapids but the wait was an hour so we just skipped it.


Instead, we went to Camp Discovery and did a rope course. Phones and cameras were not allowed while in the course. It was quite easy at first but I actually got scared when I needed to cross a steep cliff that didn’t have any handles. I really thought that I was going to fall. We had a safety rope attached but still, the height bothered me. But if you’re the adventurous type, you should definitely try this out. They also have easy courses for kids. It’s a great exercise and you will love the view of the whole park from above.

6. Gardens of Imagination

This area didn’t actually have a lot of things to do. If I didn’t look at the map, I would think that the attractions here were included in Fantasyland. We just went inside Marvel Universe where Ironman’s suits were displayed.


We also got to meet Spiderman but all our photos with Spidey were blurry because he kept on moving so I’ll just leave you with this photo of me and Dumbo. I actually had to fall in line with little kids to be able to take a photo here so this deserves to be posted. lol



A lot of people already sat in front of the castle to secure their spot for the fireworks. We, on the other hand got hungry so we just ate at a restaurant before looking for a spot.


We got a spot at the right side of the castle but there was a lamp post in front of us which blocked the view. Everyone was asked to sit down so we were still able to have a good view of the fireworks. The fireworks there was way better than the one in Hong Kong. Not only did it last longer, there were a lot of English parts and super cool effects.


We ended our day with sore feet but it was super worth it. We weren’t able to finish all the attractions but hey, more reason for us to come back there in the future, right? 😉



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