A Weekend in Hong Kong

On October of last year, I went on a weekend getaway with my boyfriend’s cousins to Hong Kong! We were so lucky to be able to snag super low fares from Cathay Pacific.


When we arrived, we could not stop talking about how delicious our dinner was on the plane. lol


Day 1 – Disneyland

We started our day early and tried out a restaurant near our airbnb apartment for breakfast. I had a Hong Kong Style macaroni soup and some chicken wings. It tasted okay, and it was just enough to get me through all the walking we did at Disneyland that day.


We then went on our way to Disneyland after breakfast. ❤


I could not count how many hidden mickeys I found that day but I already saw several hidden mickeys on the train. lol


The park was not very jam-packed that day. The wait to ride Space Mountain was only 5 minutes! I didn’t ride it because I was too scared but my boyfriend and his cousins rode twice. lol

DSC00134DSC00074DSC00098DSC00140DSC00175DSC00212DSC00184DSC00388.JPGIt was super hot but I really enjoyed taking photos especially on the photo above, with Anna and Elsa! lol And wven though I felt like Disneyland Shanghai was more sulit, I still enjoyed the company of everyone in our group.

Day 2 – City Tour


We started our second day in Hong Kong with a long walk to Ichiran for breakfast. I read somewhere that they usually have long lines all throughout the day but I figured that their waiting time in the morning wouldn’t be that bad compared to lunch and dinner. We only waited for about 10 minutes to be seated.


Me and my ramen mwehe ❤ Haven’t had this one in two years. 0_0


After breakfast, we walked a few blocks to the Avenue of Stars. We actually got lost because it was under construction and apparently they moved the whole thing to a different location. But getting lost has it perks. We were able to get a good view of the Victoria Harbour from the opposite side.


We also got to pass by these food trucks.


We were full from our ramen but we were enticed by the beautiful color of this dragonfruit bowl. lol We bought one and it was so yummy!


After a lot of walking, we finally arrived at the area where they moved the Avenue of Stars. The view was not that great but it was alright. There was still a view of the Victoria Harbour but with some construction equipment. lol


We walked (again) to the famous Canton Road and spent an hour window shopping. lol We didn’t plan on buying designer stuff so we just headed to the Temple Street Night Market after to look for some bargain.


We spent hours haggling our way through the market. lol Some of the store owners were quite persuasive. Some even got pissed when we asked for an item’s price but didn’t buy the item. lol


The market had everything from accessories to clothes to toys to shoes.


We went home super tired. I think we walked around a million steps that day. lol


Day 3 – Stranded Sunday

We initially planned on going to the Victoria Peak on our last day in Hong Kong but we had no idea that we were going to be experiencing a series of unfortunate events. There was a storm warning and so almost all of the stores and attractions were closed. We just started our day eating at this cute dimsum just a few blocks from our airbnb apartment. They actually  served good food.


Because we met a fellow Filipino there who told us that everything would be closed including tourist attractions, we just didn’t bother on going to Victoria Peak. We just headed straight to Causeway Bay aka ZOMBIELAND. lol All the stores were closed so it was quite different from the lively scene of Hong Kong.


So basically, we didn’t really do anything productive that day. We just went to Causeway bay, took photos, shopped at Hollister (Because apparently they were the only store which was open.), went grocery shopping for pasalubong, ate dinner, and packed for our morning flight. We were bummed that we weren’t able to buy the things that we wanted to buy just because the a lot of stores were closed.


The worst part was, the weather was not at all that bad. Yes it was raining and the winds were strong but it was nothing compared to Sendong. It wasn’t even raining anymore in the photo above. lol We spent most of our time at this food court below, just eating and waiting for the stores to open, which did not happen. lol


Even with the mishaps that we encountered in the trip, I was still glad to be back in Hong Kong. Hopefully I can come back next time to make new and better memories of this country! ❤




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