A Week in Gold Coast, Queensland

I cannot begin to explain how madly I fell in love with the Gold Coast. The minute I stepped out of the train station in Southport, I felt this fresh vibe of the place. I didn’t know that I was in for one of the best weeks of my life.

I tried making a video compilation of all the stuff that we did there and here it is. lol Sorry, still a noob in editing videos but I’m trying 😉

Where We Stayed

There are a lot of affordable airbnb apartments in the Gold Coast. We wanted to stay somewhere near Surfer’s Paradise but one apartment in Southport caught my attention. It was a shared apartment and the hosts were living in the other bedroom but we never met them in the whole week that we were there. lol Also, when I knew that this was the view in our room, it was a done deal. I had to book the place!


Our hosts were kind enough to provide continental breakfast for us. We ate breakfast at the apartment’s little dining table every morning…


…and this was our view.


And because the place was lovely, of course I did a mini photoshoot. lol


How We Went Around

We travelled through Brisbane Airport because our flight to Gold Coast was cancelled. We paid I think around AUD 30 each and travelled two hours to get to Gold Coast from Brisbane.

Going around Gold Coast is easy and there are tricks to save on the train fares. We bought a Go Card for AUD 10 from a go card retailer near us. There’s also a go explore card where you can take unlimited rides in a day for AUD 10 but we felt like we didn’t need that because there are a lot of ways to save on train fares:

  1. Buy a go card. They are 30% cheaper than one way/paper tickets.
  2. Travel on off peak hours. They are 20% cheaper than peak hours. Off-peak hours are between 8:30am-3:30pm and 7pm until 6am the next day on weekdays, all day on weekends and on Queensland holidays.
  3. After 8 full fare journeys in a week, you will receive a 50% discount in your succeeding trips that week.
  4. You will only be charged once if you touch on within 60 minutes from the last time you touched off. This was very helpful for us because we stayed at Southport. We sometimes go to Surfer’s Paradise just to eat dinner and so we always made sure that we went home within one hour to save on the train fare. When you touch on, it will say ‘continuation’ if it’s still within an hour since you last touched off. (See photos below)


Also, make sure to touch your go card on and off when getting into and out of the train. Not doing so will result into you not having a valid ticket when inside the train. You might be fined if you get caught.


Where We Went

Here are the spots that we visited. First one was of course..

1. Harbour Town Shopping Center

On our first full day in the Gold Coast, we went outlet shopping! 2XU is super cheap in Australia compared to all other places in the world so we did a little hoarding there. lol


This shopping center actually takes very good care of tourists! They offer a free shuttle bus to and from several pick-ups points which was very convenient. The outlet also has a tourism lounge which serves free coffee drinks to tourists. It was definitely a great place to rest after a whole day of shopping. lol

2. Seaworld 

I was able to score tickets to the Village Theme Parks for AUD 89 each (additional AUD 10 if you want to include unlimited digital ride photos). The ticket included unlimited visits to their four theme parks (Sea World, Movie World, Wet N’ Wild, and Paradise Country) until June 2018. This was super cheap compared to the published rates on their website. First on our list was Seaworld!


We first watched a dolphin show. The dolphins were so cute! The show was a little simpler than the dolphin shows at Seaworld San Diego but nonetheless, we still enjoyed every bit of the show.


We then rode the Spongebob ride which made us both dizzy. lol But it was super fun!


We watched another dolphin show, Vim rode the rollercoaster and we went to see the penguins and the sharks before ending our visit with the amazing Jetski show. It was cool to see these jetski masters do a quadruple backflip in their jetski. Seaworld was a nice place to visit but it’s going to take just around half a day to visit the whole park because the park is small.


3. Warner Bros. Movieworld

Movieworld is for the brave. I don’t like rollercoasters so I was kinda sad that Vim had to ride on his own. Featuring his #foreveralone pics. (P.S. Got all these pics for an extra AUD 10. So cheap compared to other theme parks)


This was a kid’s rollercoaster. But still a rollercoaster. 😉


What I love to do in theme parks is taking photos with cartoon characters. lol I got super excited that I got to take photos with Scooby and Shaggy! lol


This was my favorite part of the park, because it has a covered path. lol! It was kinda hot when we went there.


We were just strolling around the covered path and we saw Audrey just sitting by herself. lol Of course I had to take a photo with her!


But taking photos with the Justice League was expensive. lol I got to take a photo with Superman in another part of the park for free, so I don’t think paying to take photos with them was worth it.


Before we headed to Paradise Country, we watched the Hollywood Stunt Driver Show. This has got to be one of the highlights of our visit. It’s amazing how these drivers were able to drive super fast in super small spaces. I’ve included a video clip of this show in the video above.


4. Paradise Country

We took an uber from Movieworld to visit Paradise Country. I read somewhere that carrying a koala is not allowed in Victoria or in New South Wales so it was one of the things that I wanted to do in the Gold Coast.


We first  went to take a photo with the koala, and then we went to feed the kangaroos. Okay so I thought the koala was super cute and fluffy and it was, but it stinkssss. lol I had to wash my arms after carrying the fluffy creature.


We then went on to feeding the kangaroos. I’m super ticklish so I felt like the kangaroo was tickling my hand while I was feeding them. LOL @my OA face.


I also touched a sheep for the first time here. I felt like I was touching a wool jacket! I really wanted to hug these fluffy beasts. lolWe had so much fun spending some time with all the cute Australian animals that we met! We then watched an interesting show about whips and sheep before catching an uber back to Movieworld to catch the bus back to our airbnb apartment.


4. Wet’n’wild Gold Coast

My boyfriend and I love water parks because water slides are the only kind of thrilling ride that I can handle. lol It was a chilly day but nothing could stop our waterpark lover selves from going to the park! We braved the cold, even when it started raining in the afternoon. lol Here we are, at my favorite ride, the Extreme Tornado! It sucks that we had to carry the floatie 3 stories up but the ride was super worth it!!


This next one, I did NOT enjoy. I felt like my stomach went upside down and it was so damn scary!!! lol Plus, the attendant did not give us a countdown. He just pushed us without any warning. lol


We were actually able to go on all the slides in the park, except for the scary


We wanted to go surfing in the Gold Coast but we did not have enough time so we just did body surfing at the Flowrider. I forgot how much we paid but we had an hour to do unlimited body or knee surfing. It was fun to ride on the waves even for a few seconds before getting wiped out. lol


It started raining after our session at The Flowrider so we just called it a day.


5. Surfer’s Paradise

We went to Surfer’s Paradise almost everyday during our visit to the Gold Coast. lol The whole place is super lively and I love how it felt like I was in Vegas but also in a a less crowded Sta. Monica Beach.


The shore was super wide and super peaceful!


There are a lot of restaurants just across the beach. It’s peaceful and quiet in the morning but it was schoolies season when we went so it was lit up at night.


We usually go there at night after our afternoon siesta to eat dinner. Here are some schoolies dancing and partying at the street. lol They actually had a big party on their last night and I saw a whole bunch of teenagers partying like crazy at the beach. It was amusing to watch. lol


You can also buy souvenirs in one of the shops at Surfer’s Paradise. There were so many to choose from. We ended up getting one koala and one kangaroo. lol


We also went to Broadbeach for a little but but I wasn’t able to take photos because we were there just to visit the Pacific Fair Shopping Center. lol It’s been seven months since our trip to the Gold Coast and Vim and I still talk about this trip once in a while.  The place had the best parts of all our favorite cities. They had a variety of food, it was peaceful, there a lot of shops that we liked, the beach was crazy big, the weather was great and the views were amazing. I don’t know about y’all but it just sounds like the perfect place for me.


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