SEOUL Eats: James Cheese Ribs Myeongdong

James Cheese Ribs Myeongdong | Tripadvisor
Address: 7-4 Myeongdong 10-gil, Myeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Parking: No
Opening Hours: 11am-11pm (Monday to Sunday)
Price: KRW 14000-KRW 20000 (~PHP 600-PHP 860) per person
Will Return: YES!!
Date of Visit: April 25, 2019  (lunch) & April 28, 2019 (dinner)

We actually ate here twice, once for lunch and the other time for late dinner on our last night in Seoul. We were so preoccupied with going around Myeongdong that night that we forgot to eat dinner. They were still open at 10pm so we just ate there. We ate at their Myeongdong branch on both times but they also have another branch in Hongdae.


The restaurant is located at the second floor so you will need to enter here and go up the stairs to the restaurant.



MENU. They have a simple menu. You may order a rack of ribs and then its price differs depending whether you want normal cheese, many cheese or many many cheese.
We ordered:
Two (2) Many Cheese Ribs (KRW 16,000 each or ~PHP 692 each)
One (1) Fried Rice (KRW 2,000 or ~PHP 87)

I think the many cheese option that we ordered already had enough cheese. We also informed our server that we don’t want it to be spicy. Make sure to inform your server of your preferred level of spiciness because spicy food in Korea is really spicy.



INTERIOR. We went there right when they opened at 11am while waiting for our check-in time so we had the whole place all to ourselves. On our second visit, it was also not very full because it was already late at night. The place had quite a chill feel.



FOOD. This is how big each rack of rib was. Again we ordered two racks and it was enough for the both of us. They first let the cheese melt and then they separate each rib by cutting them with scissors and wrapping them with cheese.


They also provided us with FREE water and sides.


Before we finished all our ribs, we had the fried rice served. They take all the cheese that’s left from the pan and they put in all the ingredients for the fried rice which includes corn, seaweed, rice, an egg and then they mix everything together in the pan.



TOTAL BILL. We paid KRW 32,000 (~PHP 1,400) in total for 2 ribs and one fried rice. They gave out free service water so we didn’t order drinks anymore. I feel like the price was just right considering that we were quite full after eating there and i’d pay anything for cheese. LOL JK



Would I recommend this place? YES, especially if you love cheese! This is definitely a must try when in Seoul and it’s just within Myeongdong so if you need a rest from shopping, then I definitely recommend you to try this place! <e

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