SEOUL Eats: BHC Chicken Myeongdong

BHC Chicken Myeongdong | Tripadvisor
Address: 21 Myeongdong 7-gil, Myeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Opening Hours: 1pm-1am (Monday to Sunday)
Will Return: maybe
Date of Visit: April 26, 2019

After an afternoon of shooting photos for our wedding, we were so tired. I was craving for snowy cheese fried chicken so we went to this street in Myeongdong where a lot of fried chicken restaurants were. I initially wanted to eat at Nene Chicken but they don’t have a nearby branch so we settled to the fried chicken restaurant with the least wait to get a table. This was why we ended up eating here.



MENU. Okay so again, we were already hungry and tired so I kinda forgot to take a photo of the menu. These are some of the flavors of their chicken and i think we ordered half of the Sprinkle Chicken and half of the Sauce Chicken with a side of French Fries.



FOOD. I’ve only tried Nene Chicken’s snowy cheese fried chicken in Melbourne before eating here. I absolutely love snowy cheese fried chicken and this did not disappoint. I also love the tangy taste of the sauce flavored chicken. Overall, the food was good.



Would I recommend this place? I would if you’re craving for chicken while in Myeongdong and if you don’t have to wait for hours to get a table. If you’re around the area and want to eat decent friend chicken, then this is an okay place to go. The wait time can be a little frustrating if you come in at dinner time so I don’t think it’s worth waiting for hours.

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