US Passport Renewal By Mail (Cebu City, Philippines)

I just got my crisp, 52-page US Passport in the mail a few days ago so I thought I could write about how I had it renewed. My passport will expire on October 2018 but I already have travel plans for next year so I just renewed by passport ahead of time.

Just a little background about me, I am 25 years old and I had my previous US passport renewed at the US Embassy in Manila when I was 16 years old. I had to go to the Embassy that time since it was my first time renewing it as an adult. Now that I’m just renewing my already adult passport, I did not need to go to the Embassy in Manila. Continue reading


My Lasik Experience

A Little History

I was twelve when I realized that I could not see clearly the things written in the blackboard. I immediately told my dad and he brought me to an eye doctor that afternoon after school. Turns out, I was already nearsighted and had a 50 grade on one eye, and 75 on the other. I got my first eyeglasses that day and I thought that it looked cool on me. It made me a legit nerd. lol

It was okay at first because I did not have to wear my glasses all the time. I just wore them when I needed to. But my grade just went up and up every year that it was not fun anymore. My eyeglasses limited my actions. I could not wear sunglasses whenever I wanted. I have a lot of photos where my eyeglasses were on my hands because I just took them off for the photo, like this photo below. lol

DSC02180 copy Continue reading