Venice, Italy: Day 2

July 5, 2016

We felt like we already went through all of Venice the day before so we took the morning off from touristing and got ourselves some rest. We loved the hotel that we stayed in so we just staycationed. Woke up for our hotel breakfast and snoozed back to sleep after. lol

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Our Last Few Days in Paris

July 1, 2016

We started our day as usual, with Breakfast at Tita Mona’s! 😉 It was shopping day so we had to bangil! lol Tita Mona’s menu for breakfast today was: Pork Adobo, Friend Eggs, Fresh tomatoes, Giniling, and Chocolate Croissant!

We walked to Rue de Passy from Tita Mona’s place and we found a store that sells really cheap Longchamp bags. Our friends bought a bunch. It was dead cheap. While our friends were shopping, Vim & I were photoshooting. lol We were saving ourselves for another visit to a Primark store. 😉

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Paris: Day 2

June 30, 2016

It’s day two at the city of love! We were up early and had breakfast at Tita Mona’s once again. She prepared corned beef, potato omelette, spam, and croissant for breakfast. We were so full! 🙂

We had to walk to Trocadero from Tita Mona’s place, which was I around 20 minutes away, to catch the Hop On Hop Off Bus. We opted to do this so that we could go around Paris and see the all the tourist spots in one day. From what I can remember, we paid around 30-40 Euros for 1-day bus tour + River cruise.
The whole cr3w! 😉
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Amsterdam: Day 3

June 28, 2016


It was our last day in Amsterdam so we woke up early, ready to conquer the city once again. We rode the train to Zaandam, a nearby city of Amsterdam to go shopping at Primark. lol The Primark store in downtown Amsterdam was closed at that time so we went to the nearest store that we could find. We’re so glad that we did because we saw these cute buildings when we got out of the train station.

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Amsterdam: Day 2

June 27, 2016

DCIM100GOPROG0661385.It was our second day in Amsterdam and our fourteenth day in Europe so we had to catch up with a lot of work. We went out at around noon and went straight to the I amsterdam sign in front of the Rijksmuseum. We didn’t get a good photo because there were a gazillion people taking photos of themselves as well. lol It was definitely a tourist trap but we couldn’t go to Amsterdam and not go to the Iamsterdam sign so whatever.

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Amsterdam: Day 1

June 26, 2016

After spending twelve days in England, we went on our way to what became one of my favorite cities in the world, Amsterdam.

I didn’t think that I’d enjoy this city more than Rome or Venice or even Paris but it was just so full of culture and I absolutely enjoyed the feel of the city!

We took the Eurostar train from London St. Pancras to Bruxelles-Midi Station and took the Thalys train from Bruxelles-Midi to Amsterdam Centraal Station. The whole trip took around 4 hours and it was really convenient. Just arrive 30 minutes before your departure to give time for immigration and baggage checks. I booked our tickets a few weeks before our trip and got it for GBP 78 each. It would’ve been cheaper if we got it a few months before.

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Muggle Diaries

June 17, 2016

I can still remember the first time I saw a Harry Potter movie. I was left with a lot of questions after. LOL. My best friend was a huge Harry Potter fan and she read all the books while I just waited for the movie. But I loved how much I can relate to Harry, Hermione and Ron because I felt like I grew up with them. I felt like I was 12 when they were also 12 so I kinda wanted to be like them in some ways. I mean, who doesn’t want to be a wizard?

I still haven’t read a single chapter of the Harry Potter books but I have seen all the movies, more than once. I especially loved the Goblet of Fire movie because it was just fun and exciting but sad all at the same time. So when I knew that we were going to London, I told my boyfriend that we should definitely go to the Warner Bros. Studios no matter how far the commute was. lol I pre-booked our tickets online a week before our date of visit. I suggest you do the same especially if you’re coming in the summer because the available times and dates were already very limited when we booked our tickets.dsc00751-copy Continue reading