Downtown Taipei, Taiwan

March 13, 2017

We toured around downtown Taipei on our last full day in Taiwan. As usual, we woke up late. lol Of course, I had to do a mirror shot before we went out of our apartment. lol


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Yehliu Geopark, Taiwan

March 11, 2017

On our second day in Taiwan, we visited the Yehliu Geopark! I think this was one of the highlights of our entire trip. I’m not entirely sure how this natural beauty came to be but it’s just amazing to know that they were made out of natural causes.

We rode the bus to the Taipei Main Station from our airbnb apt and got on the Kee Keong Bus No. 1815. The stop for this one is located outside of the station, near the east gate. Once you enter the bus, you will receive a purple card from the driver. Payment will be made once you arrive at your destination. The bus ride costs NT 96 and the ride took about an hour.

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Taipei, Taiwan – Day 1

It has already been months since the last time my boyfriend and I went on a trip abroad. He had two separate knee surgeries done after our trip to Europe so he also had to recover and undergo rehab after that. This was why we stopped traveling for awhile.

Finally in February this year, he agreed to go on a short trip to Taiwan. There are already direct flights to Taipei from Cebu and the tickets were really cheap so we went for it! We arrived in the morning of March 10th, and we immediately checked in at our airbnb apartment in the  Ximending area. We went out to eat lunch and saw this really cool wall full of graffiti. We had to take model-like photos because they looked really nice! ;b

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The Broad Museum

January 18, 2017

I have always wanted to go to the Broad Museum ever since I heard about it but I couldn’t get last minute tickets whenever I was in LA. So the last time I was in LA, I reserved tickets here a month before my visit. The tickets are free so when the January tickets opened, I reserved a lot of tickets on different dates.

So my sister and I arrived at The Broad on a Wednesday. We parked in their basement and went up to the entrance. I saw that there was a line for those who didn’t have tickets but admission is not guaranteed and you’d need to wait an awful lot of time to be able to get in.

As soon as we got in, we immediately got tickets to the Infinity Room. They’re free but the entry for the infinity room is timed and limited so we had to get that one before roaming around the museum.

I super love the Broad. All their galleries are interesting and of course, super instagrammable! I actually enjoyed the Broad more than the Met in NYC. But of course that’s just me. I’m not going to talk a lot about my experience since all we did was just walk around and take a lot of pics, but I’m going to share a lot of our photos. Enjoy!

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Vancouver, BC, Canada

January 11-14, 2017

A day after I got back in LA from my Seattle-Victoria trip with my sister, I hopped on another plane to Vancouver, Canada! I know you’re all confused why I didn’t just ride a bus from Victoria to Vancouver. It’s because I already planned this trip way before my sister and I finalized our Seattle-Victoria trip and I already had roundtrip tickets. lol I didn’t wanna waste my tickets so I just had to fly to LA and fly out again the next day. lol

Day 1

I flew with Westjet Airlines for the first time. I had a relaxing flight because I had all the seats in my row to myself.

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