How to Apply for a New Zealand Tourist Visa Online

I will be visiting New Zealand with my fiancée in a few weeks and I’m so excited! Our trip is coming up and so last July, I prepared my fiancé’s visa application. It’s super easy because we did it all online and his visa arrived three days after we submitted the application. Plus, it’s “technically” FREE!

Here are the SIX easy steps in applying for a New Zealand tourist visa online:


Click here to start creating your RealMe Account.Screen Shot 2019-08-17 at 5.59.00 PM Continue reading

Iceland Tourist Visa Application (Cebu City, Philippines)


Iceland has been in my travel bucketlist for a few years now but because it’s such an expensive place to visit, I always end up going to another country that’s way cheaper. This year, I finally convinced my boyfriend that Iceland is worth the cost. We were also able to grab cheap tickets to Dubai so we’re just going to Europe after that trip since we’re already halfway there.


I still can’t believe that we are actually going to Iceland but before I got my hopes up, I had to make sure that my boyfriend gets his Schengen visa. I was a little nervous with the application this time because it was super important to me that he gets approved or else Iceland will just be in my bucketlist forever. lol Continue reading

How to Apply for a UK Tourist Visa (Cebu City, Philippines)

I have read a few articles online on how to apply for a UK Visa in Cebu and I thought I’d make an updated one since I just applied for my boyfriend’s tourist visa to the UK last April 7, 2016.

My boyfriend and I will be travelling to the UK to watch the World Ultimate & Guts Championships 2016 this June and being the busy man that he is (as if I’m not busy), I became his instant travel agent.

I searched online and found out that we can apply for his tourist visa here in Cebu through VFS Global in Keppel Center. We went there to inquire but their staff won’t accommodate inquiries. They will only accommodate you if you have an appointment to submit your documents. They’ll just tell you to go online so don’t bother going there to inquire. Also, make an appointment only when your travel date is in three months or less. Continue reading