SEOUL Eats: Innisfree Garden Cafe

Innisfree Garden Cafe | Tripadvisor
Address: 13 Myeongdong-gil, Myeongdong 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Opening Hours: 9am-11pm, Monday to Sunday
Price: minimum of KRW 8,000 (~PHP 350) per person, for one meal without drinks.
Will Return: YES!!
Date of Visit: April 28, 2019

We didn’t get to eat proper breakfast on our previous days in Seoul so we promised ourselves to try out the Innisfree Garden Cafe for brunch on our last full day there and we’re so glad that we did!


The first floor is where they mainly sell their Innisfree products and their restaurant is located on the second and third floor.


The best part about this restaurant is the view. You can see the Myeongdong Shopping Street from here.



MENU. This restaurant offers clean and healthy food while keeping it super yummy. They have a regular menu and I think they also offer seasonal items like the Cherry Blossom stuff that was offered when we were there. We visited on April so it was still Cherry Blossom season.

We ordered:
1 Souffle Hotcake & Americano
1 Avocado & Egg Sandwich
1 Strawberry & Blueberry Green Tea



INTERIOR. I love how this restaurant looks so clean, green and minimalist. I super love this leafy wall and I love how it seems to liven up the minimalist feel of the place.


They also offer a lot of interactive activities which we did while waiting for our food. They (again) have the green Innisfree backdrop which was full of real leaves, a polaroid selfie mirror, a VR station, and a stamp zone. I felt like I was in disneyland, except that it was in a skin care store. lol 


This was where we sat. We could see Myeongdong Shopping Street right at our table! Loved our view!


This was their Scandinavian/minimalist/greeny/clean/super relaxing to the eye interior. lol They have a lot of charging stations where you can use your laptop while sipping a cup of coffee. *We actually did this before we went to the airport. lol*



FOOD. Their food was I still dream about their fluffy souffle pancakes in my sleep. lol My fiancé could not stop talking about his avocado and egg sandwich after we ate here as well. lol I need this restaurant in my life rn. 😦

Also, pls notice our attempt to flatlay our food. lol


I’m not a big fan of avocado (yes, i’m part of the 1% lol), but their avocado & egg sandwich tasted like something i could eat everyday for breakfast. I didn’t expect to like it that much but I did.


I’m a pancake person so I ordered their souffle pancakes and boy was I in for a treat!! They were amazing and fluffy and not too sweet and it had the right amount of density for me. I definitely would fly to any city with a restaurant that serves souffle pancakes. lol 


We loved our food so much that we decided to order anything that captures our attention on their menu. lol We ordered the Strawberry and Blueberry Green Tea and although we didn’t expect it to look like this, it was actually very good. But I’m not a tea person so don’t trust my opinion too much on this one. I don’t really know how tea should taste like. lol


Pls notice again our attempt to flatlay part 2. lol 



TOTAL BILL. We paid KRW 27,500 (~PHP 1,200) in total for our meal there. I feel like it’s very sulit because the food was really yummy and the ambiance plus our view was amazing. 



Would I recommend this place? My face in this picture says it all. lol I would eat here in a heartbeat. So please visit this place whenever you’re in Seoul and please eat their souffle pancakes for me!!!!! 😉 You won’t regret spending your money eating here, without a doubt. 🙂



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