Driver’s License Renewal in 30 Mins!

January 19, 2018

Last Friday, I found out that I was driving with an expired license. Good thing I checked my license or else I would’ve still been driving with an expired license up until now. That same afternoon, I hurriedly went to SM City Cebu to have my license renewed. I had a good experience the last time I renewed my license there because I did it in less than an hour. This time, I got more lucky because I did it in 30 minutes. 😀


It was already 5:05pm when we arrived and drove up the parking lot in SM. I walked to the LTO office and I really thought that they were already closed because nobody was there except for the employees.


The lady at the front desk told me that they close at 6pm and told me to get a drug test and medical exam at the office beside them. I’m guessing it took me around 5 minutes to walk to the LTO office from the parking lot so here’s how I renewed my license in 30 minutes! (The time here is based on the photos that I took.)

5:10pm – I went inside the mini clinic beside LTO and paid Php 500 for both the Drug Test and Medical Exam. They took my photo and gave me a cup to pee in.

5:15pm – I peed in a cup and left it with one of the windows there. They also gave me a few forms to fill up.

5:23pm – I was done filling up the forms and I headed to the doctor.


5:25pm – I was asked to go to the doctor. The doctor just asked how old I was and if I was taking any medications for high blood pressure. I said no so she just immediately wrote that my BP was 110/60 without taking my actual blood pressure. LOL It was a little convenient and time saving for me but I’m sure taking my real BP will only take around 5 minutes. 😀


5:27pm – I was asked to fill up a log book before they gave me my Drug Test and Medical Exam results.


5:29pm – I went back to the LTO office and submitted my expired driver’s license together with my Medical Exam and Drug Test results to the guy at Window 2.


5:30pm – I was asked to fill up the change of address form since I wanted to change my address. They then took my photo (still at Window 2) and directed me to go to the Cashier at Window 3.


5:38pm – I paid Php 827.63 at the cashier. Php 727.63 for the Driver’s License Renewal and Php 100 for the change of address. Take note also that my license was already expired for more than a month so I paid a small penalty for renewing it late.

5:40pm – I received my temporary Driver’s License. I didn’t receive the actual plastic card but I was really glad that I finished everything in 30 minutes!

In 2016, my boyfriend actually had his license renewed and his experience was horrible! The whole process took him a whole day. (P.S. He renewed his license at Gaisano SRP.) He went in the morning and had to come back in the afternoon to finish renewing his license. If you guys don’t have a lot of time to renew your license, go visit SM City Cebu’s LTO office and go there after 5pm! It worked twice for me, maybe it’ll work for you guys as well. 🙂


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