How to Apply for a Japanese Tourist Visa (Cebu City, PH)

Next month, I will be off again to one of my favorite cities in the world, TOKYO! It’s going to be my third time in Japan and I’m super proud to say that I got our roundtrip tickets (CEB-NRT) this time for only Php 1,650 per person!! Our plane tickets the last time I went to Japan were Php 3,700 each and I thought it was already very cheap. I didn’t think I’d get much cheaper tickets that that. lol


I will be traveling with 9 other people and so a few weeks ago, we started preparing the documents that were needed to apply for a Japan Tourist Visa. After getting all their visas approved, I was able to conclude that it’s really very easy to get approved nowadays. They even give out multiply entry visas even without the applicant requesting for it, as long as the applicant meets their criteria. I think as long as you have enough money in your bank account and they don’t see any red flags on your application, then expect to be approved!

Here are the super easy steps in applying for a Japan Tourist Visa:


 1. Original Passport
– must have at least 2 blank pages
– must not be broken in any way

2. Visa Application Form with Signature
– make sure everything’s filled up completely and correctly

3. Photo
– 2″x2″ with white background
– must be taken within the last six (6) months
– write the applicant’s name and birthday at the back of the photo
– must be pasted onto the application form

4. Latest PSA Birth Certificate
– must be issued within one year from the PSA Main Office
– you’re exempted to submit this if you already had a used japan tourist visa in the past

5. Latest PSA Marriage Contract (if married)
– you’re exempted to submit this if you already had a used japan tourist visa in the past

6. Bank Certificate
– you may also submit your bank statement but it’s optional

7. Philippine Income Tax Return (ITR) copy (F2316/F1701/F1702)
– If you don’t have an ITR, you may just submit an explanation letter explaining why.

8. Your Tour Itinerary
sample itinerary

9. Your Plane Ticket and Hotel Bookings (OPTIONAL)

I inquired with Friendship Tours what are the usual reasons why applicants are denied and they said that it’s mainly (but not always) because of the applicant’s money in the bank. If the account has less than Php 50,000, they said to might as well have a guarantor to guarantee the applicant. Here are the additional requirements if you have a guarantor:

1. Guarantee Letter
2. Valid ID of guarantor
3. Documents to prove relationship (birth certificate, if the guarantor are your parents)
4. Explanation letter (if the guarantor is not your relative)

Other documents that may help your application but are optional:

a. Employees – Employment Certificate and Leave Permit
b. Businessmen – Business Permit and Business Registration Documents (DTI, SEC)
c. Students – School Certificate and School ID


You may find a list of the accredited agencies (Manila/Cebu/Davao) where you can submit your application here.

We chose to submit our application at Friendship Tours and Resorts Corporation at Oakridge Business Park, Cebu City because we processed our previous application there two years ago. They charge a handling fee of Php 1,200 but I’ve read from other blogs that the fees vary from Php 900 – Php 1,600 depending on which agency you submit your application to.

I’m not sure what are the policies of other agencies but in Friendship Tours, the applicant must be present when submitting his application. One person from our group is from Bohol so the agency allowed her to just ship all her documents through LBC directly to Friendship Tour’s address without appearing in person.


The visa processing took around 4-5 days and it may take longer if there are holidays. You may pick-up your passport yourself or have someone else pick it up for you as long as you can provide an authorization letter and a copy of your valid ID.

Everyone in our group got approved. Some didn’t have ITR’s, some were nurses, some were not frequent travelers but they all got approved. I really think that one must not be afraid to apply for a Japan Tourist Visa nowadays as long as you’re really just going there for vacation and not to look for work. They have really become lenient with approving applications so don’t hesitate to book that promo fare once you see one! ❤

Don’t miss your chance to either pet a deer in Nara Park,


or see the famous Glico Running Man in Osaka,


or experience cherry blossom season in April,


or visit Japan’s beautiful parks in autumn,


and most especially don’t you ever miss the chance to eat the best ramen in the world. Only in Japan!!


P.S. I hate green onions and I’m not that into spicy food that’s why my ramen looks a little pale. lol

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