Vancouver, BC, Canada

January 11-14, 2017

A day after I got back in LA from my Seattle-Victoria trip with my sister, I hopped on another plane to Vancouver, Canada! I know you’re all confused why I didn’t just ride a bus from Victoria to Vancouver. It’s because I already planned this trip way before my sister and I finalized our Seattle-Victoria trip and I already had roundtrip tickets. lol I didn’t wanna waste my tickets so I just had to fly to LA and fly out again the next day. lol

Day 1

I flew with Westjet Airlines for the first time. I had a relaxing flight because I had all the seats in my row to myself.

DSC01440 copy

DSC01443 copy

I went to Vancouver to visit one of my best friends, Nikki. We were high school classmates slash ultimate frisbee teammates. We used to travel to tournaments together and talk about boys and did immature stuff together back in high school. lol We haven’t seen each other in more than a year so we had a lot of catching up to do. 😉

Here we are at a Korean restaurant where she and her now boyfriend had their first date. lol I think we spent more time talking than eating. lol

IMG_6775 copy

Nikki brought me to Seawall after and we just strolled around the place. I love how calm it was in there but it was super cold so we had to go somewhere else that’s not near a body of water. lol

DSC01458 copyDSC01444 copyDSC01461 copy

She then brought me to Gastown, a cute place in Vancouver that’s known for their whistling steam clock. We waited for it to whistle and for it to blow steam and it did! It’s one of the few steam clocks that works and exists in the world so it was pretty cool to be there.

DSC01463 copyDSC01467 copyDSC01465 copy

Thankfully someone took our photo for us. At last, a picture of us that’s not a selfie. 🙂

DSC01471 copy

We ended the night with dinner at Joey’s. Love their Salmon Bowl!

DSC01475 copyDSC01476 copy

Day 2

Nikki had to work in the morning so I had the whole morning to myself. I went to downtown Vancouver and went shopping for a little bit.

IMG_6847 copy

I met up with Nikki in the afternoon and guess where we went? To a Karaoke place. lol She told me that she hasn’t done karaoke in a long time and she missed it so that’s what we did. lol I met her boyfriend for the first time and he actually sang in the karaoke too. lol We didn’t stay in the karaoke place too long because it was expensive as compared to the karaoke places here in the Philippines where it’s just about $3 an hour. So we just went out to a bar after Nikki sang all her favorite songs. lol

IMG_6859 copyIMG_6860 copy

This was after we finished at least two glasses of beer. 😉

IMG_6869 copy

They dropped me off my airbnb place after. My host got worried about me because I went home quite late. lol

Day 3

After a super fun night out, we grabbed brunch at Denny’s and we headed to Granville island after. Nikki wasn’t the best tour guide. LOL She has never been to Granville Island after living in Vancouver for more than a year so we were both first time visitors of the place.

DSC01480 copyDSC01482 copyDSC01483 copy

There were a lot of cute shops in the island. I bought my favorite touchscreen gloves in one of the shops there. I always had a problem with wearing gloves because I couldn’t use my phone whenever I’m wearing them. With the touchscreen gloves, texting and using my phone wouldn’t be a problem anymore!

DSC01485 copy

We then went inside the Granville Island Public Market to get some afternoon snacks.

DSC01489 copy

We spent the whole afternoon here, just eating and catching up some more. They had super yummy pastries and there were a lot of different kinds of food in there too.

DSC01504 copyDSC01511 copyDSC01506 copyDSC01514 copyDSC01495 copy

We went home early that day. I was a little exhausted from all the traveling that I did in the past few days. Plus I had to skype with my boyfriend back in Cebu, who was enjoying his Sinulog weekend with our friends. They had a mini house party at our place and so I just watched them play beer pong on the other side of the world.

Day 4

It was time for me to go back to LA. I had an amazing time catching up with Nikki. It’s nice to know that even though we live in opposite sides of the world, our friendship still remains the same. Hopefully the next time  I’m in Vancouver *when Nikki gets married ;)*, our two other bestfriends, Dinah and Reina will be there too!  Here’s my photo with Nikki at the train station. Sorry that my beanie looks weird. I had to put it on fast because it was too cold. lol

IMG_6888 copy

Saying goodbye to VanCity!

IMG_6768 copy


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