Paris: Day 2

June 30, 2016

It’s day two at the city of love! We were up early and had breakfast at Tita Mona’s once again. She prepared corned beef, potato omelette, spam, and croissant for breakfast. We were so full! 🙂

We had to walk to Trocadero from Tita Mona’s place, which was I around 20 minutes away, to catch the Hop On Hop Off Bus. We opted to do this so that we could go around Paris and see the all the tourist spots in one day. From what I can remember, we paid around 30-40 Euros for 1-day bus tour + River cruise.
The whole cr3w! 😉
From Trocadero, the first stop was the Eiffel Tower. We didn’t get off here, since we already went here the day before. I just took another photo of the tower from inside the bus, since again my only goal was to take a lot of photos of the Eiffel Tower.

We passed by the Grand Palais…


…and the famous Champs Élysées!


La Madeleine, a Roman Catholic church which was designed as a temple to honor Napoleon’s army.


The Palais Garnier, an opera house built for the Paris Opera. This photo was not edited at all and we just took this from our Sony camera. Isn’t it beautiful? ❤


We went down the bus at the Notre Dame stop.


Tingting of Notre Dame 😉


There was a cart selling crepes. Of course we got ourselves some crepe! I got the Nutella-flavored crepe but I finished it before taking a photo because it was hella good. 🙂 And the guy selling the crepe was kinda cute too. lol


After we consumed our crepes, it started to rain! Good thing we came prepared. The rain stopped after like 5 minutes, but we got this photo while it was still raining. lol


We went back to the bus and continued our tour around Paris. Every corner was just instagram worthy.


We went off the bus at Champs Elysees to take photos of the Arc de Triomphe! We had to stand at the center of  the road to take this photo. lol


#OOTD 😉img_4359-copy

We passed by Moulin Rouge when we changed routes which covered a different part of Paris. I actually slept through the whole route (Touring and having to wake up early every single day is tiring!) so this was the only photo that I got. lol


We met up with Ate Rhona and his family for dinner at Le Restaurant. Tita Mona had a break cooking for us. lol I had the steak and Vim had the veal. I had the creme brulee for dessert and I forgot what Vim got. lol


After dinner, we hurriedly ubered our way to catch the last trip of the River Seine cruise and we got there just in time! Here’s a view of the Eiffel Tower from the River Cruise Dock.dsc01301-copy

The whole cr3w again while at the river cruise!


We passed by a lot of teenagers partying and drinking. This guy right here, I’m guessing he’s a local, is showing off his butt. LOL. Sorry for the blurry photo, but I just had to post this photo. 🙂


Party peepz in Paris! I’m guessing they are locals.


The river cruise was really something. We got to see Paris from a different perspective. I especially loved the lights and it’s nice to see locals partying by the river and experience a little bit of Paris’ culture. Here I am, with the Eiffel Tower at my back. It was EuroCup season when we were there and there was an ongoing game between Poland and Portugal when we were cruising that’s why the Eiffel Tower was changing its colors the whole time.


The game ended right when we finished our river cruise and Portugal won! That explains why the color of the Eiffel Tower was changed to Portugal’s flag’s colors.img_4429-copy

As we walked to our airbnb place, everyone who watched the Football game at the Eiffel Tower were on their way home as well. We saw a lot of chaos, people cheering for both Portugal and Poland and some people honking their horns as they drive away from the Eiffel. But it was a good kind of chaos.


It was a great day to see Paris both through the streets in the day and through the river at night. We still had a few more days in Paris but I felt like we were already there for quite a while. We enjoyed every bit of the city, and we definitely had a spectacular time. Day 3 & 4 were shopping and free & easy days, next on the blog. 😉


Dress designed by me (had it sown by my mananahi) 🙂
Céline bag
Charlotte Russe booties

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